The plot twists are executed with precision, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. The author effortlessly interweaves the themes of love, family, and sacrifice, creating a tapestry of emotions that resonates with readers on a profound level. The Cornish Rebel: Laura, Amazon review.

The Cornish Rebel is an exciting read. As the book progressed, my heart rate rose in proportion with the tense action. It is simply marvellous. Julia, Amazon review.

Beautifully written. The author masterfully captures the emotional turmoil Pandora experiences after the loss of her mother, highlighting her strong yearning for independence and her unwavering determination. It showcases the author’s meticulous research and attention to detail, while the compelling characters and intricate suspense ensure an engaging read from start to finish. Fans of historical fiction, especially those with a fondness for Cornwall, will find this novel a delightful addition to their bookshelves. The Cornish Rebel: Laura, Amazon review.

This is a story that is just wonderful. If you are a fan of historical fiction, sagas, romance and especially with a Cornish setting then this is an author you should take a look at. A fabulous book from start to finish and one I would definitely recommend. The Cornish Rebel: Yvonne, Goodreads review.

Nicola Pryce is one of my favourite historical fiction authors. The Cornish Rebel: Goodreads review.

The author’s insightful use of sensory imagery creates an authentic sense of place and time. The characterisation brings each individual to life for the reader, and each adds to the story. The Cornish Rebel: Goodreads review.

Master storyteller Nicola Pryce blends intrigue, danger, passion and emotion in her sweeping new saga, The Cornish Captive. A spellbinding historical saga that is simply superb, Nicola Pryce’s The Cornish Captive is another triumph for this very gifted writer. The Cornish Captive: Goodreads review, April 2022.

Full of historical detail and cleverly crafted characters, this is a compelling romantic saga of one woman’s captivity, liberation, and quest for justice. The vivid sensory imagery brings the setting to life. The story shows how few rights women had in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and how vulnerable they were to abuse and loss of liberty. The Cornish Captive: Goodreads review. February 2022.

The Cornish Captive is a fascinating portrait of a woman fighting battles to survive and living with an awareness of an injustice in the past and present. I recommend this as a memorable historical novel with real insights into women’s lives. Goodreads review. April 2022.

This historical romance has great pace, strong characters, intrigue and mystery, danger, friendship, and love. Nicola Pryce is expert in weaving multiple threads of plot into a coherent story whilst delighting readers with insight into her chosen period. Cornwall in 1800 offers the Napoleonic Wars, spying and republican ideas. I found it an exciting and fascinating read. The Cornish Captive. Goodreads review, February 2022.

I absolutely Loved this one more. The storyline was fantastic. I listened to it rather than reading it and really wished I had read it. It was a clean read with a mystery, make it your next book to read. This is up there with my top 10 books! Can’t wait to listen to the rest! The Cornish Dressmaker: Goodreads review, May 2022.

“I really enjoyed this book. I am a fan of good historical fiction, and I think this may be my favourite novel of this genre so far.” Ellie Spencer. Goodreads Review:  October 2020

“The essence of thwarted love, the dilemma of family secrets and the revelation of shocking truths add a certain piquancy to the story. There is no doubt that in all of these novels the author brings place and people to life in a very special and totally readable way.” Jo Barton. JaffaReadsToo  Nov. 2020

“This is a book I didn’t want to put down until I’d finished it, an enthralling historical romantic suspense, a story that had me turning the pages, totally engrossed in the whole story.” Elaine. Splashes into Books. November 2020

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and once again the author has done a wonderful job of capturing the sense of time and place. A brilliant storyline and one that readers of historical fiction, sagas and romance will adore. I would definitely recommend it.” Yvonne. Vonniebee. November 2020

“I enjoyed the fact this book was not only a romance, but dabbled in a few extra genres, making the story interesting and gripping, with a couple of twists I didn’t necessarily expect.” Alice. Goodreads November 2020

“A brilliant book I just couldn’t put down.” Jennifer Moville: Goodreads. November 2020

“I haven’t read a good escapist historical romance for a long time but this one just hit the spot.” Jill Lamond. Goodreads

“This was amazing, such a twist on an historical novel, more a sinister, intriguing thriller.” Jareth Koncsol

“I loved the atmosphere the author created and I honestly couldn’t put the book down I needed to see how the story played out and I was definitely not disappointed!!! I would definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for a historical romance!” Caitlin. Goodreads November 2020

“This was brilliant, not just a tender, historical love story. It had drama, romance, danger, intrigue and even a dash of murder along the way.
A highly enjoyable, suspense filled story perfect for any period fan
.” Ria. Goodreads. October 2020

“I really enjoyed this book – interesting twists and turns. Thoroughly recommend it.” Maureen: Goodreads. October 2020.

“From start to finish – just brilliant and I couldn’t have guessed the ending! Yet again Nicola Pryce has written a story that draws you in and leaves you wanting more. Thoroughly recommend curling up in front of the fire and turning the pages of A Cornish Betrothal!”  Amazon Review. November 2020

“There’s a superb love triangle and great characters. The historical period (during the Napoleonic wars over two hundred years ago) and the setting in the southwest English county of Cornwall really come to life.” Lytton Grey Amazon Review

“An evocative, engrossing, and hugely enjoyable tale of danger, deception and desire that will hold readers spellbound from beginning to end. The Cornish Lady is an unmissable historical novel that is simply irresistible!”
Bookish Jottings, March 2019

“Pengelly’s Daughter is a fast-paced adventure/romance story with plenty of surprise twists and turns, making it the sort of novel that is impossible to put down … I absolutely loved everything about this story, as it is so much more than just a historical romance.”
Louise Jones. The Bookbag, July 2016

“French Revolution, spies, a kidnapping and a court case, all of which were full of suspense and kept me reading for hours past my bedtime.” The Captain’s Girl
Jennifer Rose Writes, November 2017

“I was thoroughly enraptured with this book from the first page to the last! A definite must read!” The Cornish Lady
Shaz. Jera’s Jamboree, March 2019

“A surprisingly complex historical novel. A relaxing read set in grand houses and glorious gardens, this is a historical novel of some delicacy with a driving narrative.” The Cornish Lady
Joules Barham. The Northern Reader, March 2019

“There is friendship, there is love, there is terror and that’s why it was so good.” Pengelly’s Daughter
Love Books and Writing, September 2018

“…moments between Celia and Arnaud which add a delicious frisson of romantic entanglement all of which sits comfortably against the darker elements of the story which involve subterfuge and mystery.” The Captain’s Girl.
Jo Barton. Jaffa Reads too, October 2017

“Recommended for anyone who loves their historical drama’s, romance, mystery and stories about strong women learning to follow their dreams.”
The Cornish Dressmaker.
Love Books and Writing, September 2018

“The Cornish Lady is a vibrant and exciting creation that captures the essence of time past… truly is a work of art. If you’re like me and love the works of Austen and Graham’s Poldark then feast your eyes upon this treasure trove of a read – you won’t be disappointed”.
Stacy is Reading, March 2019

“If, like me, you are a big fan of Poldark, then The Captain’s Girl will be right up your street. Drama, romance and spies, a real page turner.”
Over 40 and Mum to One, November 2017

“If you enjoy a lively historical adventure, with a hint of mischance and a dash of romance, then I highly recommend Pengelly’s Daughter as a good historical family saga.”
Jo Barton Jaffa Reads Too, October 2016

“Enthralling, Intriguing Historical Saga, that has romance, eclectic characters, danger, illicit encounters and secrets. Nicola has done a lot of research into her characters and plot as all the little details and historical reference was brilliantly written.” The Cornish Lady
Dash Fan Blogspot, March 2019

“This is another compelling read and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is a historical fiction / romance that has so many interesting sides to it and it is one I would highly recommend.” The Cornish Lady
Yvonne., March 2019

“With intrigue and social injustice, smuggling and new engineering innovations, the book is packed full of details relating to a bygone era. You really do want Elly to win out against all the odds. I’d certainly recommend this and the rest of the books in the series.” The Cornish Dressmaker
Over 40 and Mum to One, June 2018

“The Captain’s Girl was a joy to settle down to each evening, and I look forward to reading other books by Nicola Pryce.”
Jenifer Rose. Jennifer Rose Writes, November 2018
“I love how Nicola introduces real-life characters, as well as real historical places, historical events and even places and ships very intelligently in her book.” The Cornish Lady
Yeah Lifestyle, March 2019

“I fell head over heels in love with this book … the attention to detail that Nicola Pryce created on the page was superb allowing me to feel as though I had a front row seat to watch the drama play out, and what dramatics there was to behold, I loved every single moment of this book in all its captivating glory.” The Cornish Lady
Stacy. Stacy is Reading, March 2019

“This is the first time I’ve read anything by this author and it certainly won’t be the last! This is a historical romance packed with intrigue, danger and surprises.” The Cornish Lady
Elaine. Splashes into Books, March 2019

“This is an absolute cracker of a read as I got to travel along the lanes and shores of rugged Cornwall. An area I know well from living here for 18 years, so it was very easy for me to use the authors words to imagine the scenery.” The Cornish Dressmaker.
Yvonne. Vonnibee, July 2018

“In this third book of the series, the author has continued to weave a wonderful story about characters who are now as familiar as friends, and returning to the Cornish villages of Fosse and Porthcarrow now feels like coming home. The story flows beautifully and the characters who flit in and out of the story add such warmth and depth that you can’t help but be carried along with them as their story unfolds.” The Cornish Dressmaker
Jo Barton. Jaffa Reads Too, May 2018

“Vastly engaging, The Cornish Lady is a fast-moving, enjoyable read.”
Chez Maximka. , March 2019
“The Cornish Lady is beautifully written, with lots of historical references and characters that you can really relate to. I found myself reading this book long into the night…”
Over 40 and Mum to One May 2019

“I was not prepared for such elegant diction which flows through the pages and 464 pages were gone in a breeze.” The Cornish Lady
Finitha. Finitha Jose, March 2019

“The Cornish Lady is an enthralling romantic historical novel full of intrigue, adventure, jeopardy and passion that is absolutely perfect for curling up with and losing oneself in.”
Bookish Jottings, March 2019

“You may recall my review of The Captain’s Girl back in November last year. Well I’ve just finished the third novel in the Cornish saga from Nicola Pryce, called The Cornish Dressmaker and it’s just a good.”
Over 40 and Mum to One, June 2016
“Author Nicola Pryce paints a truly memorable picture of the sea-faring community of Cornwall in this novel.” Pengelly’s Daughter
The Irish Times, July 2016
“I have always had a soft spot for period drama writings, and this one was such a wonderful story to pore over. The story was brilliant from start to finish and I was not disappointed with how it concluded. I loved the setting, I loved the era that it was set in and I loved the characters. A perfect lazy afternoon read.” The Cornish Lady.
Stephanie. Writing From the Heart, March 2019